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Digital files

The best file type is the universally popular JPEG at 300dpi minimum and your file must be no larger than 8mb (email us if the file is larger, we will help you get it here)

If you have a very large file or a slow internet connection we can also accept files on CD's, DVD's via post. We can accept other file types such as PDF and TIFF, please contact us if you are unsure.

If you are sending an old photo not in digital format it is best to scan the photo and send to us in a digital format. Please scan at 300 dpi minimum.

Please note that we cannot accept a picture taken using the camera on your mobile phone.

Shape and Orientation

This will determine whether your photo is more suited to a rectangular or square print. Most photos are suited to a rectangular print however if your photo has enough space around the main image it could be cropped to fit a square print.

The location of the main subject(s) in your photo:

When we wrap your photo around the frame we need 40 mm on each side for the wrap. So for instance if you have a photo of your pet (as above) and your pets image was close to the edge (the photo on the right) of the photo you would lose part of the image around the side of the frame.

Another option would be to have a plain border applied around your photo which will form the 40mm border and leave the whole main subject (in this example your pet) on the front of the canvas and have a plain border on the side of the frame.

The border can be black, white or a colour of your choice more suited to the colours in the photo. We can help you with this and show you what it would look like.

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